My New York Daily News Debut

Back when I was in high school, I used to send crank Letters to Editor of the New York Daily News that invariably began one of two classic Daily News ways:

1) “Where do you get off . . .”

2) “A case of suds is riding on this . . .”

Sadly, none of them were ever published.

But this was today:

Herman Cain is not able to get it together as campaign implodes under Ginger White, sexual harassment messes 

Media made the former GOP frontrunner a more viable candidate than he ever should have been


Aside from his sexual antics, Hormone — sorry, Herman — Cain had one big problem as a presidential primary candidate: He never took his campaign seriously, so why should anyone else have?

From the start it was clear that Cain was woefully underequipped for the job, and when he wasn’t trumpeting his ignorance (“Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan”), he was blaming everyone but himself for his often comical inadequacies (“What Libya gap? I was just thinking!”).

Mostly, of course, he blamed the media for misrepresenting his actions and confusing the public about his positions — presumably by reporting their ever-shifting nature on everything from abortion to taxes.

And now this comedy of errors that had his staff proclaiming he would not talk to the press about an alleged 13-year affair — at exactly the time he’s giving an interview to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Then he denies the affair while his lawyer is essentially confirming it.

That’s par for the course given The Hermanator’s tendency to tell the truth a little bit at a time. (“I did not have sexual settlement with those women . . .”)

Now there’s a settlement of a different kind.

And while the news media are putting Cain out of our misery, they would do well to consider the blame they do deserve in this case.

And that is, that they ever took Herman Cain seriously at all.

John Carroll is a mass communication professor at Boston University.

Cherry on top: The piece topped the Daily News home page:

Man, my old man would have loved this.

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2 Responses to My New York Daily News Debut

  1. CAvard says:

    Congrats John.

    I went to Springfield Prison today to write a story about their transitional programs and I found one of my stories on the bulletin board in the prison waiting room/lobby. That was actually pretty cool.

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