Brownwashing (Coalition For American Jobs Edition)

(First in an anticipated series of posts examining examples of Brownwashing, which – similar to Greenwashing – is “the unjustified appropriation of [political] virtue by . . . a politician . . .  to create a pro-[voter] image, sell a [candidate] or a policy, or to try and rehabilitate their standing with the public and decision makers after being embroiled in controversy.”)

Exhibit A:

This TV spot from the Coalition for American Jobs (site apparently not updated since last August).



Here in Massachusetts we have a long history of thinking independently. And Sen. Scott Brown is an independent voice in Washington. Calling for common-sense solutions to grow our economy. Reduce the deficit. Cut government red tape. Keep energy affordable. Support small business and new technology. Scott Brown: Keeping America competitive. Creating good jobs. Call and tell Sen. Brown: Keep fighting for Massachusetts jobs and a better future for our families.

That’s more eyewash in 30 seconds than Bausch & Lomb produces in a year.

Not surprisingly, Brownwashing has its counterpart: Brownbashing.

From RethinkBrown (as noted by the hardworking staff last week):


More, Wethink, to come.

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