Opening Pandora’s (Political) Box

First it was Hulu offering political candidates a digital platform.

Now it’s digital-music service Pandora.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Pandora Tells Candidates It Can Help Locate Voters

Pandora will unveil Friday a new targeted ad product aimed at political candidates and special interest groups. Using ZIP Code data gathered when consumers sign up for an account, Pandora can target ads to a defined geographic area such as a congressional district.

“We are starting to speak the same language as campaign strategists,” says Pandora’s chief revenue officer John Trimble.

Political ad executives say the targeted capability could make political ads more efficient. “Going deeper on targeting helps eliminate waste,” says Michael Beach, a partner at Targeted Victory, a Republican digital-ad firm that works on campaigns including Mitt Romney’s presidential bid. “Instead of buying the Cincinnati, Ohio, media market, I can buy just the congressional district” that a campaign wants to sway, adds Mr. Beach.


More efficient political ads are exactly what we need.

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  1. BUMKC says:

    Please check out BUMKC’s blog post about Pandora and Politics !!

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