The Boston Herald Fans On ‘The Story Pitch’

Yesterday the Inside Track gals at the Boston Herald had the inside track (as usual) on The Story Pitch, “a new YouTube video that skewers the Herald, the Globe and the local spinmeisters who feed the dailies their daily leaks, lowdowns, and alleged scoops.”

Said video:

Inside Track:

“The Story Pitch,” a viral video produced for MassINK, opens in the offices of PR consultant “R. Regan Lasky — PR Is What We Are.” There’s a bra, an empty bottle of scotch and a half-eaten pizza on the floor. The spin doctor — a send- up of local PR gurus George Regan and Larry Rasky — is passed out on the couch . . .

Not to get technical about it, but 1) the “viral video” had 693 views as of 1:37 Saturday morning; and 2) the piece forgot to mention that George Regan is the Herald’s public relations consultant.

Not to get technical about it.

UPDATE: The estimable Dan Kennedy writes:  “I think the Herald stopped using Regan years ago, though he’s always been able to place items with the Track girls.”

Given my, er, track record the past 24 hours, I’ll assume he’s right.

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