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The hardworking staff has recently railed against The Daily Caller for pimping out its e-mail list to every Tom, Newt, and Herman.

Now comes this from the Creepy Callers:

Dear Fellow American,

President Obama and his radical environmental allies are at it again…

…With record-high unemployment, massive budget deficits and a rising cost of living, you’d think the White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill would be trying to help us out.


You see, Obama is recruiting left-wing, special interest groups like Greenpeace to quietly push his anti-consumer and anti-growth agenda. This may not be a surprise, but you won’t believe what they are up to now.

They’re waging a war against our favorite stores: Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Food Lion, Costco, Kroger, Safeway and Sam’s Club! Using false and biased information, Greenpeace is smearing these stores with claims that they’re hurting the environment…

…But the reality is that Greenpeace, Obama and liberal Democrats are just trying to make tissues, toilet paper and other household products more expensive for us.

We won’t stand for that, especially in this difficult economy!


These efforts are just a continuation of the White House’s plan to make America into a Socialist European State. Don’t they get it? Green jobs don’t work; neither do phony investments in pie-in-the-sky solar companies like Solyndra.

…So please take a stand with me and sign your letter now, urging the heads of these retailers to fight back against Greenpeace, the White House and their Green cohorts. And let them know that you believe in a strong American consumer and affordable household products, not a fanatic Green agenda!

In liberty,

Andrew Langer
Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity


As you no doubt remember, the hardworking staff vowed to unsubscribe from the Daily Caller newsletter if we got one more “special message from one of our advertisers.”

Except . . .

All the kids are doing it.

From Rasmussen Reports:

    Dear Friends,  Please find a special message from our paid sponsor. Sponsorships like this help to allow us to continue to send you our Daily Update free of charge. We appreciate your interest in our work.  Rasmussen Reports   

Dear Concerned American,  “The data is clear, 50% unemployment, a 90% stock market drop, and 100% annual inflation . . . starting in 2012.”  These were the prophetic words spoken to me recently by famed economist and New York Times best-selling author Robert Wiedemer, at a private dinner in Palm Beach, Fla.  “You see, the medicine will become the poison,” Wiedemer continued, as he pulled a worn manila envelope from his briefcase.  I was skeptical of his claims at first, but then I saw the chilling evidence . . . 

Yeah yeah – chilling etc. etc.

And et cetera – from AlterNet:

EMILY's List
Dear Friend,
Nearly three million workers and students need our help.

Our community worked incredibly hard to ensure that women were protected under health care reform, and that meant making sure birth control was covered by the insurance companies. Some employers, like churches, were allowed to opt-out of this requirement for religious reasons.

But now some want to expand the opt-out rule to include a huge number of so-called “religious employers” that could result in nearly three million workers and students losing access to birth control.

Let’s be clear: just because your employer’s health insurance covers birth control doesn’t mean you have to use it, any more than you have to get a root canal every year just because it’s covered by your dental insurance. This is about women having free and fair choices.

Click here to stand up for women’s access to health care. Join EMILY’s List and the nearly 1,000,000 million activists dedicated to electing pro-choice, Democratic women who will fight for these rights.

We’re fighting for the woman working a minimum-wage job cleaning a hospital who can’t pay for birth control and school supplies and after-school snacks for her kids.

We’re fighting to ensure our government doesn’t allow employers to impose their religious beliefs on the women who work for them, creating a system that turns women into second-class citizens.

Our community here at EMILY’s List was so proud when together we worked, advocated, and voted for health care reform that would level the economic playing field for families and keep them healthier.

Our pro-choice Democratic women are working hard to keep family planning accessible for all women.

To help them today, we’ve got to lift our voices now, before this decision is made and women are hurt.

Will you add your name to the ranks standing up to these attacks on women’s health?

Thank you for joining us in this important fight.

Take care,


Stephanie Schriock


No, the hardworking staff will not add its name to any ranks whatsoever.

And we’ll think twice from now on whether we’ll add our name to any e-mail lists whatsoever, either.

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