The Daily Caller Does Herman Cain’s Dirty Work

Conservative Net-work The Daily Caller has pimped out its email list to the Herman Cainiacs so they could send decent folk like the hardworking staff this:


Multiple polls have confirmed that Herman Cain is winning the Republican race for President. In addition, last week a poll has him leading Barack Obama.

So the left wing media has decided to destroy him. Like they did to Clarence Thomas, they are engaging in a “high tech” lynching by smearing his reputation and attacking his character.

Herman Cain won’t play their DC games and they MUST destroy him.

As the leading pro-Cain committee, we intend to fight back with every resource we can put to bear. Will you join us?

The left wing have told Conservatives they have to pick Mitt Romney, despite his flip-flops on abortion, immigration, gun control. They’ve told us he’s more electable, ignoring the fact he’s lagging behind in the polls after 6 years of campaigning.

Let’s send a clear message to those who would like to tell us what to do. Let’s stand up against those who would like to take down any black man who stands up for Conservative valuesJoin “Americans for Herman Cain” today and support our efforts to fight back.

We have a real choice this time: Herman CainWill you help him today?

It’s days like this that reminds us why we launched “Americans for Herman Cain,” a project of 9-9-9 Fund.

Herman Cain has grassroots support. He has the poll numbers. He is a conservative. He can beat Barack Obama. Now it’s our job to propel him to victory in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, and Arizona.

We’re going to do everything from TV ads, voter mail, advocacy phones identifying Herman’s supporters, to get out the vote programsBut we can’t do it without your help. We’re fiscal conservatives like you, and we won’t waste a dollar.

Will you help us? Will you help us elect a true conservative outsider in the mold of Ronald Reagan to the White House?

Together, we will take our country back.

For America,

Jordan Gehrke
Campaign Director


That’s low, even by Daily Caller standards.

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6 Responses to The Daily Caller Does Herman Cain’s Dirty Work

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Do you really want an active “Donate” button on your site, John?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Thanks, Mudge. Even though I doubt any of my splendid readers would donate to the Cainiacs, you never know. Plus, on principle any DONATE buttons on the site should funnel money to the hardworking staff and no one else.

  2. Arafat Kazi says:

    Dude forgot to smoke a cigarette at the end of the email.

  3. Arafat Kazi says:

    OOOH and I just made a bad pun.

    “Why won’t you support Cain for president?”
    “Cause I don’t think he’s able.”

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