Howie Ya Like Me Now?

Yesterday Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr whacked Barney (Not So) Frank around for “[going] to the mat in obtaining a six-figure hack job for his then-boyfriend, Herbie Moses, at, of all places, Fannie Mae” in 1991. After trotting out the usual litany of Frank’s past peccadillos (Paging Mr. Bottom, paging Mr. Hot Bottom), Carr went after another favorite target:

One last question: When do you think El Globo will report this story?

Answer: Today, on page 2, above the fold, in a lot more detail than the Herald (which, by the bye, the Globe piece credits for having the story first).

Can’t imagine any of that satisfied Howie. But he’ll be pleased to know the Globe buried the story on its website.

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3 Responses to Howie Ya Like Me Now?

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    When I worked for the post office, I was shown a film on ethics. We were instructed to immediately stop any conversation with a postal customer that involved job offers for us or for our relatives, and inform the customer that we were not allowed even talk about working for them.
    The idea was that we were not supposed to do anything that might give the impression that you could get favorable treatment from the Post Office. That was what the government expected from people who sold stamps.
    It’s silly for Congressman Frank to think he can recommend people for jobs and not create an impression of favoritism. It’s sad too, because in my opinion Frank has been a terrific congressman who has been right about almost every issue having to do with housing and finance, and he has been targeted by people who have an interest in making the housing situation worse.
    What he did is not a terrible ethics violation, but it is a clear one.

  2. Barney Frank is a hero of mine. He paved the way for other gay members of Congress. His peccadilloes don’t bother me either–the male prostitutes, writing letters on behalf of his male prostitute boyfriend who was found guilty of oral sodomy, snorting coke and production of obscene material involving a minor. Big deal.

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