Boston Herald Says Boston Globe’s Definitely For Sale. Maybe. Or Not.

Today’s Boston Herald has the scoop on a possible Boston Globe sale:

Analysts say: Don’t be fooled, Globe’s for sale

The New York Times [NYT] Co. would definitely unload The Boston Globe — for the right price — according to media analysts, despite CEO Janet Robinson’s insistence that the broadsheet isn’t for sale.


“I’m sure the Globe’s for sale,” said James Boyce, founder of Common Sense New Media Strategies, a Boston-based consulting firm. “The problem is, if the buyer pays a fair market price, I doubt the seller is going to want to sell it for that. It’s a matter of, is there someone who is going to overpay for it, or is the New York Times Co. going to sell the Globe for what it’s actually probably worth?”

So that’s an actually probably definite maybe, yes?

Then again . . .

Edward Atorino, a media analyst at the Benchmark Co., said he doesn’t believe Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. will sell the paper.

“His father bought it and the family likes the newspaper business,” Atorino said. “The Times doesn’t need the money.”

So the Times will possibly sell the Globe for an inflated price.

Except it won’t.

Stop the presses.

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