NYT Tries To Ad To Digital Subscriptions

First the New York Times launched a pay wall. Then it launched an ad campaign.

Via WWD (via the Missus):

The Times is running a series of three posters on Metro North, Long Island Railroad, in taxis and on the subway (e.g. the 8th Avenue-bound L platform at First Avenue). The three iterations — designed around the theme’s art, world and style — make use of photographs taken by Times’ photographers. One shows My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way head-banging bright red hair; the second shows a student walking home near the border of Somalia and Kenya; and the third shows a runway model at Donna Karan‘s show last fall. All three versions have lots of intricate webby-looking graphics — interactive time lines, podcast buttons, video players, links to comment threads. The point seems to be: There’s a lot to click on at nytimes.com.

Representative poster:

But wait! There are TV spots, too!

WWD says the Times will spend $13 million on the ad campaign.

Throwing good money after bad ideas?

Time will tell, as the chin-strokerati say.

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3 Responses to NYT Tries To Ad To Digital Subscriptions

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    My guess is that non-subscribers aren’t flocking to pay their way past the wall.

    How shocking!

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Yeah, Mudge, that’s probably right. I saw one analysis that contended if the Times can get just 300,000 subscribers (1% of their traffic), that would be a significant boost in their revenues (10% I think).

      Then again, one estimate has them losing 5-15% of their traffic since they went to the metered model. We’ll see.

  2. arafat kazi says:

    Honestly sir, you know it’s a trainwreck, I know it’s a trainwreck. We’re just being nice because they represent some Ideals we have. Maybe they should ask the government for money. The NYT does enough for those guys and the govt is good at rescuing failing businesses.

    Maybe the dude who wrote The Imperfectionists will write a sequel.

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