Not My Man Gottfried

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, he of the toe-curling Japanese tsunami jokes that lost him his job as the voice of the Aflac duck, mounts a defense in this Salon piece by Kerry Lauerman:

It had been about a month since Gilbert Gottfried lobbed those brutally crude jokes about the Japanese tsunami when I met him earlier this week. He still seemed a little stunned by the reaction, which included a public drubbing by the morality police, and being fired as the voice of the Aflac spokesduck. Still, he couldn’t quite make himself grovel for forgiveness. “You start to feel sorry, and then you wonder what you’re feeling sorry for,” he says. “That I made jokes?”

Yeah – that you made jokes about a natural disaster that took upwards of 18,000 lives.

Regardless, Gottfried will appear for a book-signing this Friday at 7 p.m. at the Harvard Square Coop to promote Rubber Balls and Liquor.

The hardworking staff hopes to be there.

The hardworking staff hopes others will also be there to make Gottfried feel more sorry than he currently does.

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2 Responses to Not My Man Gottfried

  1. arafat kazi says:

    Sir, I thought long about posting my a comment here and kept on thinking about how it comes down to a difference of opinion. But, both of us knowing what the other side’s arguments are, I still think that I should say this for the sake of having it be said: they were just jokes.

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