Boston: The City That Never Works

Exhibit A: The endless proposals for a Boston City Hall Plaza Redesign.

Exhibit B: Boston’s non-existent Bike Share program.

Exhibit C: Boston’s non-existent Tommy’s Tower.

Exhibit Umpteen: Boston’s Food Truck Challenge.

From Saturday’s Boston Globe:

Food trucks in Boston get off to rocky start

Operators complain of city bureaucracy

It was one of the city’s more celebrated initiatives: attract food trucks to Boston by staging a contest for the right to operate on City Hall Plaza.

But the Food Truck Challenge offered by Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s administration last year is running into some obstacles just as spring arrives, with one of the three winning contestants backing out and some of the other food truck operators complaining about the city’s bureaucracy.

So what else is new?

But wait – what about the boffo Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway food truck expansion? From the Globe piece:

One location where food trucks have been successful is the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway. The Greenway is expanding from one food truck during last year’s pilot vending program to several this year, said Nancy Brennan, executive director of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy.

“We have worked collaboratively with the city throughout this process,’’ she said.

Only in Boston would going from one to “several” be considered a triumph.


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2 Responses to Boston: The City That Never Works

  1. Steve Stein says:

    The one thing that Boston has taught me over the years is that change is not always a good thing, and that resisting change is not always bad. A 1000-ft tower in Winthrop Square? This would be a good thing? (Can we get that hole in the ground built on first, please?)

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