Acid Test (Owsley Stanley Obit Division)

Owsley “Bear” Stanley, legendary LSDealer to the counterculture stars of the 1960s, died on Sunday at age 76. Depending on which obituary you read, Stanley “was a prolific LSD producer” or “made and supplied the LSD that fueled acid rock and California’s hallucinogenic culture in the 1960s” or “made LSD in quantity for the Grateful Dead, the BeatlesJimi Hendrix, Ken Kesey and other avatars of the psychedelic ’60s.”

That last is from the New York Times obit, which also featured the best headline:

Owsley Stanley, Artisan of Acid, Is Dead at 76

Other headlines, in descending order . . .

Wall Street Journal:

Grateful Dead Sound Man Supplied ’60s With LSD

Boston Globe:

Owsley ‘Bear’ Stanley, 1960s counterculture icon; at 76

Talk about your acid flashbacks . . .

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1 Response to Acid Test (Owsley Stanley Obit Division)

  1. arafat kazi says:

    If only I were born twenty years earlier, when opium was the religion of the masses!

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