Stein Gets Short Shrift – Again

The hardworking staff has no beef with the content of Brian Mooney’s largely dismissive piece about gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein (G/R – You Still There?) in Saturday’s Boston Globe.

Representative sample:

Stein, a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Medical School, is the Green-Rainbow Party nominee, polling in single digits. Her shoestring-budget campaign, funded in part by $55,000 of her own money, operates out of a sparsely furnished storefront in the Fields Corner section of Dorchester. She frequently complains that the news media do not take her seriously, stifling her message. But her campaign rarely communicates with reporters or provides her schedule . . .

She describes society’s problems in complex, interconnected terms. But when talking about her political opponents or the moneyed interests she blames for many of the nation’s ills, they become two-dimensional cut-outs, serving as her foils.

The Globe piece also describes her as – at least in one instance – clueless about Massachusetts politics.

All fair points as far as the hardworking staff can see.

But the Saturday Globe? Really?

Why not just stick a Please Marginalize Me sign on Stein’s back and get it over with?

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1 Response to Stein Gets Short Shrift – Again

  1. CAvard says:

    What was the Stein campaign’s response to Mooney’s complaint about “rarely communicating with reporters about her schedule?” Seems like a fair and responsible thing to do to give them a chance to respond to that observation.

    Sounds like Mooney is more interested in pigeonholeing (sp.?) her than getting to the heart of her campaign and the issues she stands for. Wouldn’t you agree that Mooney’s dismissal is proving Stein’s point to begin with? Seems like that to me.

    Stein has always been a woman who is ahead of her times and too good to be governor of Massachusetts. At least in my opinion.

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