Damn Yankees

As a Made Yankee Fan in Boston, I am of course dismayed that the Yanks (who are giving “Bronx Bombers” a whole new meaning) have been slapped around by the Red Sox the past two days.

But I’m not surprised.

New York’s pitching is spotty, they’ve had too many anemic performances at the plate (Paging Derek Jeter. Paging the former Derek Jeter), and their mojo is mostly nogo.

(And note this New York Times piece giving Sox skipper Terry Francona his due for steering an injury-ravaged team to at least respectability, if not a shot at a miracle finish.)

Let the bandwagon-jumping begin in Boston. Who the hell knows how this will turn out?

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1 Response to Damn Yankees

  1. CAvard says:

    Greg Mitchell saw a stat in today’s NYT that said in past 20 years the Yankees have spent whopping 42% more than 2nd highest team Red Sox. That sounds pretty significant, ya think?

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