Another Scott Brownnabe

All across this great land of ours, longshot political candidates are finding inspiration in Massachusetts junior senator Scott Brown’s improbable win this past January.

(See – actually, hear – this Here & Now piece from last month.)

These candidates believe they can apply the Scott Brown Formula (sounds sort of like a ’60s British Invasion band) to their particular race.


All you fledgling Brownnabes, take this simple test:

1) Do you have a camera-ready wife?

2) Was one of your two telegenic daughters a contestant on “American Idol”?

3) Do you have an opponent as tin-earred and ham-handed as Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley?

4) Are you campaigning for the seat of a local and national legend?

5) Will the election occur in Massachusetts? In January?

Unless you answered yes to all of the above, your campaign is less Scott Brown Formula and more Nestlé’s Baby Formula.

Which is to say, less than useless.

Enter Linda McMahon, former professional wrestling diva and current Connecticut GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate.

As the Associated Press reports (via the Boston Globe),

HARTFORD — A nephew of President Kennedy is asking Linda McMahon, Connecticut’s Republican candidate for Senate, to pull her political advertisement featuring the late president talking about tax cuts.

The two-page letter from Edward M. Kennedy Jr., obtained by the Associated Press, calls the ad misleading to voters. The letter says McMahon “distorts the legacy of President Kennedy in order to mislead voters into thinking’’ that he would have supported her position on tax policy.

The offending ad:

The Scott Brown Inspiration (sounds sort of like a ’90s Christian Invasion band):

Memo to Linda McMahon:

I don’t know Scott Brown. Scott Brown’s no friend of mine. And you’re no Scott Brown.

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