It’s Morning For “Mourning”

The New York Times reports that Citizens for the Republic, a conservative lobbying group that Ronald Reagan started in 1977 as a political action committee, “plans to begin running a stark, one-minute advertisement . . . that is a twist on “Morning in America,” the 1984 commercial for President Ronald Reagan.”

The 1984 classic (all hail, Hal Riney):

The takeoff:

As the Times piece says:

“There’s mourning in America,” the new spot begins, as dreary images of unemployed workers and dilapidated buildings glide by. “Today, 15 million men and women won’t have the opportunity to go to work, business is shuttered, 2,900 families will have their homes foreclosed by nightfall.”

The ad is a blunt, almost point-by-point comparison to the hopeful, optimistic spot from Reagan’s re-election year. “Morning in America” promoted the future, noting, “This afternoon, 6,500 young men and women will be married and with inflation at less than half of what it was just four years ago, they can look forward with confidence to the future.” This week’s spot offers a grim contrast: “This afternoon, 6,000 men and women will be married, each of their children to be born with a $30,000 share of the runaway national debt.”

For the past several months there’s been a lively debate occurring  about whether the Tea Party movement is the spawn of Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater.

In this case, chalk one up for Reagan.

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1 Response to It’s Morning For “Mourning”

  1. pwalzer says:

    Well… I think it remains to be seen whether the Tea Party will ever support any comprehensive policies that would significantly reduce our nation’s debt. I understand that they support “reducing federal spending” and “suspending earmarks,” but I haven’t heard anything more specific than that (maybe I’m not paying enough attention).

    More importantly though, that Obama, who has been in office for less than two years, is already getting blamed for our national debt, which has been building up for much longer than that. It’s not as if he isn’t aware of the problem. Let’s not forget that the Republicans abandoned the bipartisan debt commission, leaving it up to the President to form his own.

    Where was the Tea Party on that?

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