“Idol” Hands?

From a Thursday Wall Street Journal piece about the quest to replace departed Brutish judge Simon Cowell:

News Corp.‘s Fox Broadcasting is close to naming actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith musician Steven Tyler as judges for “American Idol,” according to people familiar with the matter, a high-profile bid to revive the eight-year-old singing competition.

(So would that combo be JenTyle? Or JeniTyl? Your call.)

But here’s the really interesting part:

Fox executives expect to save some money by not paying Mr. Cowell’s salary, according to people familiar with their thinking, even as they splash out to sign Mr. Tyler and Ms. Lopez.

So Simon Cowell makes more than Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez combined?


Not to mention, wait till the agents for Tyler and Lopez read that.

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1 Response to “Idol” Hands?

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    I don’t know if it escaped your notice, but a once-thriving broadcast TV network (NBC) operates an “American Idol” clone called “America’s Got …it should read ‘Has’…Talent”, except that this summer’s “winner” DOESN’T got talent. A pitchy, hoarse, screecher, Michael Grimm beat out a 10-year-old with the voice of Beverly sills at the same age, Jackie Evancho. There was an ad in today’s (Friday) Globe touting an appearance in November bythe finalists of “America’s Got…should read ‘Has’..Talent” and it includes Jackie. I think she should go back to school and continue her singing lessons and let the screecher run out his 15 minutes of fame.

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