UMass: We’re Number 56! We’re Number 56!

After taking a beating as a second-tier educational institution in the Boston Globe earlier this month, UMass students, friends and alums rallied to defend the state university, as the hardworking staff duly noted here and here.

Now, the Times of London has bolstered their defense with its World University Rankings, which have the University of Massachusetts at #36 stateside and #56 worldwide.

Second-tier that, Globeniks.

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6 Responses to UMass: We’re Number 56! We’re Number 56!

  1. cj says:

    I noticed the Globe had a full page ad, I assume sponsored by the university touting itself. “See, we’re really, really good, the London Times says so”. Is it just me, or is it somewhat small and petty for the UMass crowd, past and present, to be reaching so hard to justify themselves. Full disclosure: I attended an ancestor of UMass Dartmouth (SMTI), but graduated from Suffolk.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      I dunno, cj – if you got knocked around by the Globe and then won a big award, wouldn’t you be inclined to rub it in their face?

  2. Mr Punch says:

    Actually #33 in the US (there are Canadian universities in there), and the top-ranked public university in the northeast.

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