Brookline’s Recyclorama

Brookline was Bin City on Wednesday as trucks dropped off hundreds of big blue recycling bins (they have wheels!) in front of houses and apartment buildings all across town.

The bins (part of Brookline’s new Single Stream Recycling Program)  came with a handy Town of Brookline Recycling & Guidelines Booklet, which featured the standard FAQ.

At the very end was this note:

Getting a free Recycling Bin
Blue recycling bins are available free of charge for residents who subscribe to Town Disposal Service. Bins are available for pick-up from the Department of Public Works, 333 Washington Street, Town Hall, 4th floor during regular business hours. In order to receive a bin, you must show proof of residency at a Brookline household that is on Town Disposal Service.

Given that the three units in my building will barely fill even one bin every week, the real question is:

How do I go about Getting Rid of a free Recycling Bin?

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2 Responses to Brookline’s Recyclorama

  1. Adam Gaffin says:

    You may surprise yourself. We’re tossing way more stuff into our Giant Economy Sized Bin with the 5-Speed Transmission than we used to cram into our old little blue container. It’s just a lot easier than having to tie up papers and worrying whether the recycling guys would take our pizza and cardboard boxes (half the time, they wouldn’t).

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