Sunny Side Up For America’s Egg Farmers

Headline of a full-page ad in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal and New York Times (among others, presumably):

A message from America’s Egg Farmers

Body copy:

You’ve probably heard about the recent egg recall. As egg farmers, we’re concerned, and continue to work closely with the FDA and USDA to help ensure the safest and highest quality eggs possible.

Not to mention the work of the New York Times.

The same day the Times ran the America’s Egg Farmer ad (Egg Safety Center website here), the paper featured two stories about the recall.

Times Page One headline:

U.S. Rejected Hen Vaccine Despite British Success

Times Business Day Page One headline:

Egg Recall Exposes Flaws in Nation’s Food Safety System

So, to review:

To all appearances, the Times believes the problem is lack of government oversight, not lack of America’s Egg Farmers oversight.  But nowhere in the two Times pieces does the paper acknowledge its own financial connection to the industry.

Egg on the Times’ face?

Your yolk goes here.

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5 Responses to Sunny Side Up For America’s Egg Farmers

  1. af says:

    How many consumers keep their eggs in the cardboard carton? Mine go into the plastic refrigerator egg crate when I get home. They’re unidentifiable. Also, why was it only after days of reporting, that a tiny comment at the end of an AP piece stated that none of the eggs from the affected sources, were being sold in MA markets? If the media is going to jump on the hysteria wagon again, can’t they at least try to be useful by suggesting contacting your market for further information, or at least broaching the subject?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      I’m guessing most people (including me – I don’t have a plastic egg crate) keep their eggs in the cardboard carton. But good questions all.

    • Steve Stein says:

      My wife and I use the plastic thingie usually as well, but we tear the expiration date off the carton and put it with the eggs. (In this age of dieting and cholesterol, the eggs stay around a lot longer than they used to.) Guess we should start saving the origination info as well – good point.

      (What ever happened to that jingle “brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh” – we still buy only the brown eggs up here in New England because of that, but I don’t know true it is any more.)

  2. the deconstructing sparrow says:

    chicken breeds with white ear lobes lay white eggs, whereas chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs no matter where they are from or what they eat….but i still prefer brown

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