Politics Is A Virus

Time magazine loves lists, and this week it lists the Best Viral Campaign Ads of 2010.

Random sample, starting with Old Spice Dan:

Time verdict:

Long-shot Vermont Senate candidate Dan Freilich’s spoof on the Old Spice ad campaign is equal parts brilliance and failure. It was wise to take inspiration from the deodorant company’s viral-marketing smash success, but Freilich falls woefully short on the delivery. And sophomoric editing and tacky stock photos don’t exactly help matters. Sorry, Dan. Old Spice–inspired or not, we think your video stinks.

Want another? How about Ben (Potatoe Head) Quayle’s Republican primary ad in his quest to become Arizona’s Third Congressional District representative.

Time verdict:

With the gravitas of a prime-time star telling kids to stay off drugs, Ben Quayle locks his baby blues on the camera and says, “Barack Obama is the worst President in history.” And that’s just the opening. The young Republican vying to represent Arizona’s Third Congressional District goes on to promise to “knock the hell out of the place” once he gets to Washington.

Scary part?

Quayle won the five-way GOP primary.

So he’s halfway there.

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