Steve Pagliuca Is Still Calling My House

Despite our attempts to discourage Steve Pagliuca from junk dialing us for votes, the Missus and I keep getting robo-calls from the U.S. Senate hopeful (D-ATM).

All the while, Pags (as he’d like us to call him) is piling up press clippings, among them:

A Boston Herald piece headlined “Steve Pagliuca woos female support.”


Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Steve Pagliuca took aim yesterday at front-runner Martha Coakley’s female base of support, garnering the endorsement of historian Doris Kearns Goodwin . . .

(Whose constituency is . . . who exactly? Your “Plagiarists for Pags” punchline goes here.)

A Boston Globe piece about the Senate-race smackdown Monday night on old friend Emily Rooney’s WGBH program, “Greater Boston.”

Two mentions of Pags in the Globe story:

Boston Celtics co-owner Stephen Pagliuca, also vying for the Democratic nomination, was raised an Episcopalian.

Pagliuca ran away from one reporter and jumped into a car without answering questions after the debate.

Hey, Pags: Run away from me and the Missus.


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2 Responses to Steve Pagliuca Is Still Calling My House

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    Answer the phone and tell him to call Alex Beam’s house instead. I hear he’s a lousy cook who could use assistance on cooking risotto from somebody from the old country.

  2. Tony Guzzi says:

    I called his office, and they put me on his do not call list last week, and I haven’t gotten a call since!!

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