Ad o’ the Day (pat(hetic) pending)

Massachusetts U.S. Senate hopeful Alan Khazei (D-Rhymes with Crazy) has just released a TV spot that’s the most ill-advised commercial since Christy Mihos’s butt-headed ad in the 2006 Massachusetts gubernatorial race.

Khazei’s current spot features two babies – a boy and a girl – supposedly having this conversation:

Boy Baby: Who ya voting for for Senate?

Girl Baby: Oh jeez. Two politicians and a big business guy?

Boy Baby: I like Alan Khazei. The City Year guy.

Girl Baby: Oh yeah. Helped a lot of kids.

Boy Baby: And he doesn’t take money from lobbyists and PACs like the rest of ‘em.

Girl Baby: That’s some change.

Boy Baby: Well if you want to change Washington…

Girl Baby: Uh-oh. I think we need a change right here.

Boy Baby: Woooh.

At that point, the Girl Baby is looking down at her diaper.  Back to the spot, with Khazei on camera:

I’m Alan Khazei, and I approve this message…because someone’s got to clean up the mess in Washington.

At that point, Khazei is holding up what looks like a loaded diaper.

File under: Concept with a capital Khazei.

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