Steve Pagliuca Keeps Calling My House

So the Massachusetts U.S. Senate special election is a layup for Attorney General Martha Coakley according to Sunday’s Boston Globe poll.

Coakley gets the support of 43 percent of respondents when asked who they would vote for if the primary were held today. US Representative Michael Capuano has support from 22 percent of the likely voters; Boston Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca from 15 percent, and City Year cofounder Alan Khazei from 6 percent.

Those numbers mean:

1) Capuano has stopped throwing Ted Kennedy’s name around in his TV spots, and started throwing Dick Cheney’s name around in his TV spots.

2) Pagliuca has spent about $6 million (with a bullet) to rent – maybe – one in six “likely” voters in the Democratic primary. What a likely voter might resemble on December 8 is anyone’s guess.

Regardless, Payliuca (as his high-priced campaign consultants reportedly call him) apparently thinks it might resemble me and the Missus. So he’s been robo-calling us for weeks and we’ve been ignoring him. In desperation the other day, the Missus picked up the phone and delivered the bad news that he shouldn’t really count on our vote.

The good news for Pags? The Globe poll found that 75% of survey respondents – despite who they say they’d “vote for today” – are undecided about who they’ll vote for on December 8.

Except for me and the Missus, of course.

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