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Herald Still Ain’t Seguin What Tyler Tweeted

As the hardreading staff noted yesterday, the Boston Herald has been uncharacteristically shy about quoting former Boston Bruin Tyler Seguin’s latest homophobic Twitter puck-up. Yesterday’s print edition of the feisty local tabloid didn’t even mention the incident, while this AP story on the … Continue reading

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Globe, Not Herald, Seguin What Tyler Tweeted

Last time now-former Boston Bruin Tyler Seguin got all homophobic on his Twitter feed, the Boston Herald beat the Globe on the story. This time it’s the other way around. From Christopher Gasper’s column today: Bruins gave up on Tyler Seguin too soon If … Continue reading

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Why We Love The Stanley Cup Playoffs (Bruins WIN In Overtime Edition)

Last night’s Stanley Cup Final game was another overtime corker, yeah? And this time Somethin’ Bruin was on the winning side of poetic justice. First, a minute and a half into overtime Jaromir Jagr rang one off the crossbar – only … Continue reading

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What Did Tyler Tweet? Boston Globe Not Seguin

Chalk up yet another homophobic tweet, this time from Boston Bruins player Tyler Seguin. As Track Gal Gayle Fee noted in today’s Boston Herald: Seguin sorry for tweet Bruins baby Tyler Seguin apologized yesterday for a tweet he sent out that some have called homophobic. … Continue reading

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