What Did Tyler Tweet? Boston Globe Not Seguin

Chalk up yet another homophobic tweet, this time from Boston Bruins player Tyler Seguin. As Track Gal Gayle Fee noted in today’s Boston Herald:

_TED4747.jpgSeguin sorry for tweet

Bruins baby Tyler Seguin apologized yesterday for a tweet he sent out that some have called homophobic. Seguin, who appeared in a video with Boston rapper Slaine, sent out a missive about it saying, “Just listened to the song in my bed. Gave me goosebumps no homo…” The tweet came at an inopportune time, seeing as how the NHL just became the first professional league to partner with the gay rights organization You Can Play.

Seguin apparently realized he’d done something dumb almost immediately and deleted the tweet and apologized within minutes of sending it. 

Of course, tweet-and-delete is sort of a flawed gameplan, as, say, Anthony Weiner could tell you . . .

Read the rest at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.

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6 Responses to What Did Tyler Tweet? Boston Globe Not Seguin

  1. Mike Pardee says:

    Most pro players are thoughtful human beings. Let’s maybe give ’em that. But, crimony, a lot of them are lug nuts on the social issues.

    Maybe pro teams should have a mandatory 15-minute seminar for players at which somebody would write on a blackboard the areas of human behavior that players should always withhold opinion about, chief among them being sexual orientation. .

    Ted Williams was smartest guy in the locker room. But he kept his yap shut with the press, unless asked a question about fly-casting for trout. (That was another thing he could do better than anyone else.)

  2. The Globe was right to ignore it, because he’s on our team. The Herald staff doesn’t get it because associate degree colleges don’t have hockey teams.

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