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It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Nation (Tina Brown Tantrum Edition)

(Note: The hardworking staff started writing this post last night, but then Verizon crashed its Internet service and it’s still not working but we’re elsewhere now, so . . . ) Things are getting downright beastly at NewsBeast, the shotgun … Continue reading

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The Most Beastly Photo Of Tina Brown Ever

From our Camera-Unready desk (via Saturday’s New York Times): That’s a Grade-A Yikes! Here’s guessing Tina will do yikewise to the Times at the first opportunity.

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Articles The Hardworking Staff Didn’t Finish (pat. pending)

(With apologies to The Weekly Standard’s “Sentences We Didn’t Finish“) From Daily Beast diva Tina Brown: Why America Needed Chelsea’s Wedding Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials weren’t just a celebrity-free PR triumph. They were a happy throwback to the carefree 1990s. Celebrity-free PR … Continue reading

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Dead Blogging Tina Brown’s MFA, Er, Talk

Well the Missus and I trundled down to the Museum of Fine Arts Wednesday evening to catch its Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro Celebrity Lecture featuring Daily Beast diva Tina Brown. Of course it should’ve been called the Ruth and … Continue reading

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