It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Nation (Tina Brown Tantrum Edition)

(Note: The hardworking staff started writing this post last night, but then Verizon crashed its Internet service and it’s still not working but we’re elsewhere now, so . . . )

Things are getting downright beastly at NewsBeast, the shotgun marriage of Newsweek and the Daily Beast.

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had the details:

Publisher, Top Editors Out at Newsweek, Daily Beast

The publisher and two top editors of Newsweek magazine and the Daily Beast website are leaving, shaking up a pair of media properties that are still struggling to find their financial footing a year after they merged.

The departure of Ray Chelstowski as publisher suggests the owner’s dissatisfaction with the advertising performance of the magazine, which despite some recent momentum has continued to pile up losses. The company is installing former CBS Interactive executive Eric Danetz as the senior vice president of sales. Newsweek and the Daily Beast are owned jointly byIAC/InteractiveCorp. and the estate of stereo-tycoon Sidney Harman.

But the New York Times had the dirt:

Staff members at Newsweek and The Daily Beast said the environment there had become difficult in recent weeks. People who work there, who did not want to publicly criticize their bosses, say morale in the newsroom has sunk as Ms. Brown has had more frequent outbursts in front of her employees. “It’s all hell, it’s agony,” she has been overheard telling staff members about the quality of their work, according to one of them.

Rule #1 in the publishing business: Never agonize Tina Brown. She just agonize you right back.

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