Everything Currently Wrong in America Is Hillary Clinton’s Fault

Well the hardworking staff was wending its way through the New York Times yesterday when we come across this full-page MasterClass ad on A13.

Say, that’s some 1992-2016 Murderers’ Row (not to be confused with the 1927 New York Yankees).

But the real killer in that MasterClass sextet is Hillary Rodham Clinton, quite possibly the worst presidential candidate in American political history. She was literally the only Democrat the monumentally moronic Donald Trump could possibly have defeated in 2016.

And yet, here she is in 2021 blithely offering to teach The Power of Resilience (available only with a $180 annual membership). The trailer for Clinton’s MasterClass has her reading part of the 2016 victory speech she never got to deliver because she was absolutely THE WORST PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IN AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY.


Let’s give New York magazine’s Sarah Jones first crack at this new gig for HRC, a.k.a. Her Royal Catastrophe.

[My] firm conviction that this country is a horror probably bars me from any kind of public office. Nevertheless, I maintain that Clinton’s inability to account for America’s basic nastiness is partly what cost her the presidency. What is she going to do now, teach a MasterClass in losing?

To the contrary, Clinton flatters herself that she can help Americans “build a life of meaning and purpose.” That is – in the Clinton family tradition – breathtakingly tin-eared.

If only Hillary Clinton would teach a master class in disappearing. I’d pay 180 bucks for that right quick.

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2 Responses to Everything Currently Wrong in America Is Hillary Clinton’s Fault

  1. cowboyjessiejames says:

    I’ll loan you the money.

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