We Have a Winner in Our NYT Money-Making Sweepstakes!

The air has been electric around the Global Worldwide Headquarters ever since we announced our latest Campaign Outsider Sweepstakes (pat. pending).

It was occasioned by this ad in the New York Times touting the paper’s umpteenth foray into revenue-enhancing sidelines.


That’s in addition to Times Journeys, Times Store, Times Wine Club, Times Talks, Times School, Times Crosswords, Times Cooking – everything but Times Tables. (If you want links, go here.)

Thus, the Sweepstakes.

Campaign Outsider Sweepstakes: What will be the next thing the Times tries to monetize? Best guesstimate will receive a dedicated post from the hardsweeping staff, which would, of course, be the dream of a lifetime for any of you splendid readers.

And the winner is . . .

Excellent commenter (and great friend of the hardworking staff) Carol O’Reilly.

Not to mention your board friends!

Congrats, Carol.

P.S. Before any of you jealous readers accuse us of favoritism, let it be known that Carol was the only one decent enough to enter our sweepstakes. So stick that in your smipe and poke it. (Tip o’ the pixel to Laurel & Hardy.)

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4 Responses to We Have a Winner in Our NYT Money-Making Sweepstakes!

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Sorry…Didn’t see the challenge.

    I would have offered that the Time would put out a branded tuna with pictures of those whom they have recently harpooned.

    They could make them a collectible series, or even a contest to reward the person who can name the most harpoonees.

  2. Carol P. O'Reilly says:

    Many thanks to my friends at the hardworking staff. It is so exciting and humbling to win
    such a prestigious award and exclusive award.

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