Riffs Round Midnight at the Global Worldwide Headquarters (Great ‘Colorado’ Bakeoff Edition)

As you splendid readers might remember, the hardriffing staff has long had a soft spot for The Flying Burrito Brothers. As we once noted, “Back in 1971, the hardsmoking staff glommed on to the Flying Burrito Brothers – one of the endless Byrds spinoffs (we’ll get to Dillard & Clark soon) – and never let go . . . ”

Lately, this number has been dropping in the jukebox of our mind.


At the YouTube link, we encountered these comments.

So we checked out Linda Ronstadt’s version.


Here’s our bakeoff scorecard.

Instrumentals: Sneaky Pete Kleinow’s steel guitar on the Burrito’s version totally blows away Ronstadt’s band.

Vocals: Rick Roberts buries the needle on the Regret-o-Meter. Ronstadt just nudges it.

Final score: We’ve loved Linda Ronstadt ever since her Stone Poneys days. But Roberts wins this ‘Colorado’ bakeoff going away.

Bonus tune:


You’re welcome.

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