Zero Bostonians Pony Up For AJC Ad Supporting Israel

As the 50th anniversary of Israel’s six-day war unfolds in myriad narratives, the American Jewish Committee (a.k.a. the AJC) ran this ad in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.

Here’s the text:


But what really caught the eye of the hardcounting staff was the list of those who funded the ad.

There’s the predictable majority from The Big Town, multiple Florida funders, dual contributors from Baltimore and Dallas and Chicago, and individual contributors from Cincinnati to Las Vegas to – good lord – Galveston.

But no one from Boston.

The headscratching staff has no idea what that means.

But it’s gotta mean something, right?

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1 Response to Zero Bostonians Pony Up For AJC Ad Supporting Israel

  1. telegonus says:

    This shows that Boston’s Jews have an historical memory. For several decades in a row in the last century the Boston was voted by one of the large American Jewish organizations,–B’Nai Brith maybe, can’t remember–as the most anti-Semitic city in country; and from stories I’ve heard and things I’ve read, it’s true. The only thing that surprises me is the absolute zero. I’d think that by now Jews from other parts of the country and now the world, such as Russia, who’ve achieved a measure of affluence here, would behave differently. But maybe they’ve heard stories from people in their congregations…

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