This Is the Greatest German Word Ever

German words are a hoot. So many of them are like little balls of aluminum foil all jammed together.

But you can have your schadenfreude and your schlimmbesserung – we’ll take this beauty from Thursday’s Wall Street Journal A-Hed.

Here’s a Presidential Election That Actually Is Coming Unglued

Austria postpones vote over faulty envelopes; ‘half of Europe is laughing’

VIENNA—Austria’s politics are coming unstuck. Or more precisely, unglued.

hc-gu668_sobotk_g_20160913173018Special envelopes designed to hold mail-in ballots for the Oct. 2 runoff presidential election are rimmed with a glue that should seal them tight. But it is mysteriously malfunctioning, and that has provoked a crisis, which in the words of one TV anchor is leading to a “Bundespräsidentenwiederholungswahlverschiebung”—the postponement of the rerun of the presidential election.

Excellent! Bundespräsidentenwiederholungswahlverschiebung is now the hardwonking staff’s favorite word.

Yes yes, we know – Austria is not Germany. But check this out:

Newspapers have dubbed it Gluegate, the Glue Glitch and the Glue Crisis. For embarrassed Austrians, the one consolation is that the glue came from Germany.


P.S. The above is just one more example of why the Wall Street Journal is a great newspaper and entirely worthy of your desert island consideration.

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2 Responses to This Is the Greatest German Word Ever

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Can you say that in one breath, John?

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