What Can Brown Do for Donald Trump in WMD Rumpus?

Apparently nothing.

After GOP Hair Apparent Donald Trump (R-Donald Trump) jumped the snark in his Republican presidential primary debate comments last week about George W. Bush, 9/11, and WMDs, former somebody Scott Brown (R-Scott Brown) – who fashioned himself a New Hampshire kingmaker after Trump’s victory in the Granite State – went limp.

Via the Weekly Standard’s Jonathan V. Last:

Taking the “Bush lied” position puts Trump’s surrogates and talk-radio supporters in a tight spot. Are they supposed to defend him? Agree with him? Plead the Fifth? That’s what Scott Brown tried to do over the weekend. I very much doubt he’ll be volunteering to go on TV and face questions about this in order to support Trump at any point in the future.

The Weekly Standard also reported what Brown did – or actually did not – say in response to an email from the magazine.

Iraq War Supporter Scott Brown Won’t Denounce Trump’s Claim Bush Lied About WMD

One prominent former elected official supporting Donald Trump has declined to criticize the New York businessman for stating President George W. Bush and his administration knowingly lied about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 280x280-e1782be8006f464f669135a3b23317fbIn an email exchange with THE WEEKLY STANDARD Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts senator who endorsed Trump before the New Hampshire primary, said he did not want to play “Monday morning quarterback” on the question of the Iraq War.

“I’m more focused on how we deal with terror challenges of today, not yesterday,” Brown said when asked about Trump’s comments at Saturday’s debate in South Carolina. Trump said Bush and his administration “said there were weapons of mass destruction” but that “they knew there were none.”

Chalk up another airball from Downturn Scotty Brown.

That Trump VP nod looks less and less likely, yeah?

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1 Response to What Can Brown Do for Donald Trump in WMD Rumpus?

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    Stick a staple into him. He’s done.

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