Wall Street Journal Suckered by Corporate Gunsel Rick Berman

This op-ed by Michael Saltsman ran in the Weekend Wall Street Journal.

Joe Biden and the $15 Question

Vice President Joe Biden joined New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a media event in New York City on Thursday. They were there to celebrate the state’s newly minted $15 hourly minimum wage for fast-food restaurants, which will phase in over the next few years. Mr. Biden, who is weighing a run for the White House, seems to be courting organized labor just in case. Taking the stage, he praised the minimum wage as “smart” and “reasonable.”

Unions might cheer, but Mr. Biden may find less enthusiasm among some left-of-center economists. The $15 minimum wage could be too pricey even for them.

Saltsman, identified in the Journal piece as “research director of the Employment Policies Institute,” proceeded to call the roll of “Obama allies feeling uneasy” about the minimum wage bump.

But here’s what leaves the hardworking staff feeling uneasy: The Employment Policies Institute is one of the many front groups orchestrated by Rick Berman (aka Dr. Evil in this 2007 60 Minutes takedown), the lobbyist lackey of untold corporations that have a vested interest in minimizing the minimum wage.

From the website Berman Exposed:


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.13.39 AM


The Journal failed to reveal that. But is it really possible Journal editors failed to know that?

Or did the Wall Street Journal intentionally sucker its readers?

We’re leaning toward the latter.

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