Claire McCaskill’s Fabulous Scott Brownout

New York magazine’s Marin Cogan has a corker of a piece in The Cut today (tip o’ the pixel to Politico’s Morning Score).

Drinking Beer and Watching Baseball With Senator Claire McCaskill — the Most Candid Woman in the U.S. Senate



Senator Claire McCaskill is shouting to no one in particular, though she is not alone: It’s the middle of July in St. Louis’s Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals are taking on the New York Mets. It’s hotter outside than the inside of a dog’s mouth. This has not deterred Missouri senator McCaskill, her husband, and her sister from coming out to support their beloved hometown team. The first batter up for the Mets has just sent a ball sailing out of the stadium — a home run. “That is not good,” McCaskill’s sister Anne, a silver-haired woman wearing electric-blue frames, interjects from our seats just behind home plate. The next batter lofts another ball high into the air. “Oh JESUS!” McCaskill shouts, then relaxes when a Cardinals outfielder catches the deep fly. Spying a waitress waiting to take orders at the end of the row, she leans over and calls for a Bud Select.

It’s a swell read – McCaskill seems to have no halfway house between her brain and her mouth – and never more so than here:

I’m about to ask her what she thinks of Scott Walker, but McCaskill has a question of her own. “What’s Scott Brown up to these days?” I tell her that the last I heard he was appearing as a guest on a celebrity cruise and pushing diet pills.

“No! Who goes on a celebrity cruise ship to see Scott Brown?” she scoffs. “Do people even know who he is? Wow. He will do anything to show his body.”

Not sure how we missed Brown’s participation in Crystal Cruise’s Crystal Visions Enrichment Program when it first surfaced last month, but thanks to Sen. McCaskill for the reminder.

And for, well, the cut.

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  1. I lost track; did she marry Lenny or Squiggy?

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