Just Call Him Mike Hucksterbee

Former Arkansas governor and current GOP presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee never met a quack product he wasn’t willing to sell (and we’re not even counting his old Fox News panderama).

Start with his shilling for a dubious diabetes treatment.



Not surprisingly, that went over like the metric system. From Bloomberg News:

That’s Mike Huckabee, Former Diabetes-Cure Spokesman, to You

He cuts ties with a company as he weighs a presidential campaign.

Not long after leaving his Fox News show to explore a presidential run, Republican Mike Huckabee has cut ties to a company for whom he promoted a cinnamon-linked diabetes treatment, a spokeswoman tells the New York Times.

Huckabee is a former Arkansas governor who was diagnosed with type-II diabetes before losing weight. As the Times reports, -1x-1his unsuccessful bid for president in 2008 was plagued by money trouble, and since then, he has “pursued some highly unconventional income streams.” (In addition to the scientifically “dubious” diabetes gig, the newspaper says, he has sold ad space in his e-mail newsletters for such products as a supposed Biblical cancer cure.)

Huckabee’s career as a frontman for the diabetes treatment will live on in this video, where he says the “solution kit” will “stop diabetes in its tracks and actually reverse it.”

Or actually reverse Huckabee’s political fortunes.

But wait! There’s more! A new pitch from Mr. Hackabee for an outfit called Food4Patriots!

From MSNBC’s First Read:

Now there’s the email Huckabee sent out to his list on Saturday entitled: “#1 Item You Should be Hoarding!” From the email: “Are Obama and FEMA going to buy up all the survival food? Something just happened that explains why tons and tons of survival food are literally flying off warehouse shelves. The sad part is, that if everyone could see what I see, we’d have half a chance! They think having a food stockpile ready for a natural disaster is something they can put off for ‘someday’ or ‘never.’ As it stands right now, it’s going to be every man for himself!… So I got in touch with my buddy Frank and put my order in for his Food4Patriots survival food kits. This is Frank’s new line of survival food and there are 4 reasons why it’s literally flying off the shelves.” Oh, man…

Our question: Is there anything Mike Hawkabee will not sell?

We’re guessing, himself.

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