Wait! A City Hall Plaza Redesign! (Exhibit Chumpteen)

From our Late to the Renovation Party desk

Here we go again.

In his State of the City address on Tuesday, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh promised to “reimagine City Hall Plaza as the thriving, healthy, innovative space that it should be.”

Via the Boston Globe:

In calling for proposals to reimagine City Hall Plaza, the city could create a public-private partnership.

“We have a prime space in the middle of the city that is our welcome mat to City Hall that is not being utilized to its potential,” Walsh’s chief of staff, Daniel Koh, said in an interview before the speech. “In our minds, all options are on the table.”

On the table is exactly where City Hall Plaza has been for decades, as the hardworking staff  has relentlessly chronicled.

To summarize:


Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.47.57 AM


Ada Louise Huxtable, who loved the new Boston City Hall when it opened in 1969, is not yet turning over in her grave.

And neither is City Hall Plaza.

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2 Responses to Wait! A City Hall Plaza Redesign! (Exhibit Chumpteen)

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Marty can dream, can’t he?

    Planting some good, old-fashioned ivy or other plants that drape might help.

    So would a well-sited wrecking ball.

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