Have a Very Belichick Halloween

From our Why the Wall Street Journal Is a Great Newspaper desk

Yesterday’s edition of the Journal included this Geoff Foster piece.

Scary Sports Costumes

Trick or Treat: Turning This Year’s Low Moments Into Halloween Highlights

Any kid can dress up as Captain America or Elsa the Snow Queen. In a year filled with some low moments in sports, here are suggestions on how to dress as your favorite sports antihero.

Among those suggestions was this classic:

Bill Belichick

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.20.53 AM

Dr. Frankenstein was a sinister genius who created an unstoppable monster that was universally abhorred. So basically Bill Belichick. The New England Patriots coach is notoriously moody. In fact, the Journal conducted a study last season and counted only seven times where he was seen smiling in a news conference. [That’s actually true.] The best part is that Belichick is a way more cost-effective costume for your youngster than Frankenstein. All you really need to do is find an old gray hoodie and cut off the sleeves—and maybe add a headset for good measure. It’s a good idea to target the houses giving away raisins to make sure the smile-count doesn’t get above seven.

As SCTV’s Count Floyd used to say, Oooo . . . that’s scary, kids.

Special Bay State bonus: Tip O’Neill’s 3-D House of Representatives.



Oooo . . . that’s funny, kids. (At least we think so.)

And Count Floyd makes a great Halloween costume.

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2 Responses to Have a Very Belichick Halloween

  1. And it doubles as an “Untouchable” costume.

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