The Great BU Coffee Bean Brewoff! (Starbucks v. DD)

All summer the hardwalking staff has watched the extensive retail renovations along the Warren Towers stretch of Comm Ave – especially the big bucks Starbucks upgrade and the Subway migration to inside City Convenience.

But yesterday we were delighted to see a sign indicating that City Convenience also houses Dunkin’ Donuts.

Not a Dunkin’ Donuts – just DD coffee and, yes, donuts.

Still, it’s nice to have an alternative on the block to overpriced overroasted overcrowded Charbucks. You can guess where the hardcaffing staff will be on a regular basis.

(A quick walk-by this morning found Starbucks packed to the gills, while two people were grabbing DD at CC. So it goes.)

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4 Responses to The Great BU Coffee Bean Brewoff! (Starbucks v. DD)

  1. Steve Stein says:

    And yet reportedly, when a DD opened in LA, there were lines around the block.

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