Headscratching Stats o’ the Weekend

The hardditzing staff (mistakenly) thought Labor Day Weekend meant you should work all three days, so here are some of the startling statistics we came across.

• From the New Republic’s 9/15 edition (sorry, no link: #TNRblows):

Most Americans can name their president. But according to a survey conducted by Georgetown University’s Dan Hopkins, only 35 percent can identify their mayor.

Seriously? Sixty-five percent of Bostonians don’t know that Marty Walsh is the mayah? That’s just hard to believe.

• But this is not. From Joel Stein’s 8/21 Time column:

Since I graduated in 1993, it has become uncool to major in the humanities. In 2010, 7% of U.S. graduates majored in one of the liberal arts, compared with 14% in 1966, which, percentage-wise, is some number I don’t understand, since I majored in English. A third fewer Harvard freshmen are interested in the humanities than the freshmen 10 years ago, and while nearly half the faculty at Stanford teach humanities, fewer than 20% of applicants are interested in taking their classes.

That bodes ill, eh? Then again, the hardworking staff majored in Greek and Latin, so what the hell do we know.

• According to TV Guide, Jon Stewart makes $25-30 million a year, Judge Judy Sheindlin makes $47 million, and Bill O’Reilly makes $18 million.


Then again, the hardworking staff majored in Greek and Latin. So what the hell do we make.

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6 Responses to Headscratching Stats o’ the Weekend

  1. Steve Stein says:

    Surely the big bucks roll in from your occasional Beat the Press appearances.

  2. Why teach the droids humanities? They’ll only start asking questions. In Greek, or Latin.

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