I Just Saw an SUV Repo’d – or Stolen – Next Door

Time: 11:50 pm Friday Night

Place: Halfway between Brookline Village and Coolidge Corner

Players: Two guys and a blonde with a world-class ponytail.

Action: Two tow trucks pull up to a parking lot behind the apartment complex next door. There are maybe three dozen motor vehicles there. One guy hooks up the back of a silver SUV while the other guy and the blonde flashlight a sportscar opposite.

The first guy and the blonde put a steel rod under the front of the SUV and attach little wheels to either side. I start thinking I should call the Brookline Police, ’cause wouldn’t someone who wanted his vehicle towed likely be there?

Too late. They first guy and the blonde jump into the truck and drive away. The other guy follows in the second tow truck.

Total elapsed time: Under five minutes.

Amazing fact: No one from the apartment complex next door seemed to notice any of it, so some would say SUV’s them right.

Update: 2 am Saturday morning

Tow truck back, first guy flashlighting other cars in lot.

Called the Brookline Police, where I’m met with some confusion and apparent unconcern.

Tow truck drives off without more booty.


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3 Responses to I Just Saw an SUV Repo’d – or Stolen – Next Door

  1. Campaign Outsider says:

    Good one, Mick. But check out the update.

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