Our Rick Perry Anti-Redemption Edition

As you splendid readers might – or more likely might not – remember, the hardworking staff recently noted The Weekly Standard’s rehab job on lame duck Gov. Rick Perry (R-Oops), who once again has presidential ambitions.

(Far more convincing – and entertaining – was Matt Labash’s rehab job on Louisiana legend Edwin Edwards, which ran in the same edition of the Standard.)

Regardless, here’s the flipside of Rick Perry, compliments of Amy Davidson’s piece in the July 28 New Yorker about the influx of Central American children across U.S. borders. Leading Republicans like (Cryin’) John Boehner and Ted Cruz (Control) have pushed back at Pres. Obama’s call for $3.7 billion to shelter the children and facilitate immigration hearings and deportations.

But, Davidson reports:

Other Republicans have gone further, suggesting that the surge of immigrants is part of a plot. Governor Rick Perry, of Texas, who has been using the crisis to reassert himself as a national figure, following his disastrous 2012 Presidential campaign, said, “We either have an incredibly inept Administration or they’re in on this somehow,” invoking a theory that children were being lured into the country so that they would grow up to be Democratic voters—agents of a President whose own Americanness has never been accepted by many in the Republican base.


Or words to that effect.

Maybe, contrary to Fred Barnes’s assertions in his mash note to Perry, the Texan hasn’t made very much progress after all.

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2 Responses to Our Rick Perry Anti-Redemption Edition

  1. And Jennifer Rubin thinks they’re Hamas agents?

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