Scott Brown Is So Phony, Even His Ads Are Faked

Accidental Sen. Scott Brown (R-Elsewhere) has always struck us as a manufactured item, and his latest ad in the 2014 New Hampshire Senate rumpus only cements that impression.

From BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw:

Scott Brown’s Campaign Ads Feature Green Screened Stock Footage

Scott Brown’s new campaign ad titled “Security” features the New Hampshire candidate standing in an airport talking about security procedures at U.S. airports compared to security conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border:



But it appears Brown isn’t really in an airport — and instead in front of a green screen with stock video footage of an airport from Shutterstock superimposed during editing . . .

Check out the rest of the BuzzFeed post, which features excellent graphics illustrating the sleight of handiwork in this and other Brown ads.

Add that to the Brown Bathroom Break as Downturn Scotty took to the men’s room to avoid questions from The Guardian’s Paul Lewis about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision last month.

SNL, are you getting all this?

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2 Responses to Scott Brown Is So Phony, Even His Ads Are Faked

  1. Running for Senate is so hard!

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