Tales from the New York Times Subscription Desk

First in a possible series

As the hardmoving staff recently noted, the Missus and I are decamping from our happy home of 28 years and trundling back to the lovely courtyard building whence we came.

(Campaign Outsider Sidebar: Hey! America! Not to get technical about it, but whence means from where. So it follows that “from whence” is redundant at best, ridiculous at worst. Just FYI.)

And so we’ve been filing Change of Address forms as fast as we can.

All was going nicely until we came to our newspaper home delivery subscriptions. Boston Globe, check. Boston Herald, check. Wall Street Journal, check.

New York Times? Checkmate.

The Times subscriptionista told us we needed to cancel the day before we moved and re-subscribe the next day. Otherwise, he said, “you might get a New York Times delivered to both addresses.”

As Mona Lisa Vito might say:

Oh my God, what a fucking nightmare!

For a bunch of smart people, the Timesniks are real idiots.

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2 Responses to Tales from the New York Times Subscription Desk

  1. Yet they want us to download their app on our phones. Ah….no.

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