The Kick-Ash ’70s Concert We DID Catch in Cincinnati

The hardmewling staff has lately been lamenting the Allman Brothers concert we missed at Cincinnati’s Ludlow Garage in 1970.

Which got us to thinking about a concert we did catch in either April, 1973 or November, 1973 at Cincinnati’s Music Hall. (To be honest, 1973 is a bit of a blur for reasons we’d rather not explore right now.)

Regardless, here’s what we saw:



Wishbone Ash’s lyrics were never its strong suit, but those rockoco guitar riffs from Andy Powell and Ted Turner were fabulous.

Representative sample:



For more, go here. And here. Or even here.

We’re just glad we were there. In April. Or November. One.


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2 Responses to The Kick-Ash ’70s Concert We DID Catch in Cincinnati

  1. I’m stealing the word “rockoco.” Just FYI.

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