Baseball Players Are Not Heroes

The hardlywatching staff had the TV on in the background last night when we heard a local newscast refer to the Red Sox Home Opener “honoring the heroes on and off the field” – that is, commemorating 1) the 2013 World Series Champion Red Sox, 2) the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, and 3) the two Boston firefighters who lost their lives battling a Back Bay fire last week.


Baseball players are not heroes.

Soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan are heroes.

People who rushed to help Boston Marathon bombing victims are heroes.

Boston Marathon bombing victims who struggled to regain their lives are heroes.

Medical personnel who helped the bombing victims recover are heroes.

All of them have true claim to the title.

Baseball players need not apply.


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2 Responses to Baseball Players Are Not Heroes

  1. There goes your chance at a Globe gig.

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