Our ‘Beat the Press Party’ Bakeoff (Boston’s Tragic Fire Edition)

The Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight proceeded apace last week, with the media hall monitors grading news coverage of Tuesday’s horrific Back Bay inferno that left two Boston firefighters dead and over a dozen injured.

From the Boston Herald’s Press Party (starting at 1:05):



To recap: On the Wayne’s World webcast, it was All Platitudes, All the Time.

Crosstown at WGBH’s Beat the Press (guest-hosted by blast-from-the-past Ron Sanders),  a whole nother discussion took place – whether airing someone’s final comments from first responder scanners was “gratuitously insensitive” or “provided crucial context to an emergency.”



That conversation, it seems to us, was more valuable than the Press Party mushathon.

Then again, we could be wrong. We often are.


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