The Map of Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Run

Smart front-page piece by Noah Bierman in Tuesday’s Boston Globe about Massachusetts senior (!) senator Elizabeth Warren’s nationwide Good Neighbor Liz tour.

Warren bolsters Democratic party’s funding

Money-raising aids Shaheen, other candidates

WASHINGTON — Elizabeth Warren has played the role of dutiful freshman in the Senate, careful to avoid upstaging veteran colleagues despite her high national profile and 2013-11-14T173203Z_1366058710_GF2E9BE1BPF01_RTRMADP_3_USA-FED-YELLENenthusiastic liberal followers. But outside the Capitol, her ability to raise money for Democrats is giving her standing beyond her newcomer status.

The Massachusetts lawmaker has raised $1.1 million for the party’s candidates and helped the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raise $1 million more, according to her aides. This year, with elections in November, she has said she will do more.


And this helpful graphic tells you why.




The hardcounting staff estimates there are about two dozen incumbents now on the cuff with Warren – and more on the way.

Watch out, Hillaryland.

Elizabeth Warren is the ragged edge of your worst nightmare.


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