The Byrds’ Gene Clark Flies Again

The New York Times featured a piece by Jon Pareles the other day noting the revival of ex-Byrds singer/songwriter Gene Clark and his neglected masterwork No Other.

The reputation of Gene Clark’s 1974 album “No Other” — which was initially spurned by its record company and dismissed by 0124CLARK-master180critics as overproduced — has been steadily ascending, particularly since an expanded European reissue on CD in 2003. On Saturday and Sunday, “No Other” is to be performed live at Music Hall of Williamsburg, in as close a replica of the original arrangements as 14 musicians and singers can create onstage. It’s the New York City finale of the “No Other” mini-tour organized by Alex Scally of Beach House.

Which got the hardwaxing staff to recall our own musical odyssey back in the ’60s.

Start with Clark as the main songwriter on the Byrds’ Eight Miles High.



From there Clark went on to record the fantastic Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark, with the indelible tracks Out on the Side, She Darked the Sun, and Train Leaves Here This Mornin’.



And then, No Other.



Which got us to thinking about another Byrds spinoff – The Flying Burrito Brothers, which Gene Clark was not a member of, but which produced one of the hardwaxing staff’s favorite songs.



And one of our favorite song lyrics:

And though I tried so hard to please her

There must be something more to know


There’s always something more to know, yes?

Like this correction that ran in yesterday’s Times:

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 1.20.15 PM


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